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Swipe to the right: between getting to know each other and spurning is exactly a small hand movement. If you like the picture and want to get to know the person, you “swipe” your finger to the right on the smartphone screen. If the chosen one also swipes to the right, users can write to each other. One speaks of a "match" best adult dating. Swipe left: If you swipe left, you are not interested in the suggested person. A red "Nope" appears on the photo. Then there is no turning back - swipe to the left once and the chance is wasted. Finding great love: It works, as a couple from Great Britain proves with their wedding. The app is not interested in the one right person: "Chat with your match or take a photo and share it as a moment with all of your matches at the same time," says the app description. Means: You can and should have several running at the same time. These are the users of such apps: According to a statistic in 2014, 62 percent of the users of such applications worldwide that include the location for flirting (location-based dating apps), like Tinder, were male. Most of the users are between 25 and 34 years old (36 percent), closely followed by 16 to 24 year olds with 34 percent.

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Your Partner Could Be Just a Few Clicks Away

Dating is fun. It’s light: There’s courting; there’s the interesting, exciting text messaging and flirting. There’s no weight. When you start getting into relationships, you really start having to consider each other in your lives…